Sunday, September 28, 2008

The youngins

I feel like I talk about Kaylee so much but she really is my world right now. Everything I do revolves around her needs; and I am missing so much of my older twos lives right now. Not to mention that my shoulder has been giving me major problems for over a month now. But back on the subject of Ryan and Nikki; they are both very involved in school activities. Nikki absolutely loves cheering and Ryan is very dedicated to band I have few pictures of them at their finest:
Here they are waiting for good old mom to catch up with them while at Fall Creek Falls.

Ryan making Digger stop barking at the neighbor kids:

Nikki cheering she is just so pretty :

They are both doing well academically as well; they are both good students and have some really good friends. I look forward to seeing the people they will be as adults. Nikki has decided that she is going to be a forensic scientist which is just an awesome choice for her. She will excell in this she loves science and math. Last I heard Ryan wants to be a Veternarian which is also a great field ( if that is still his goal). They are both very smart and very determined people and will do well in whatever they choose to do. I am very happy that I have such great children!!! Love you guys!


Caten 7 Mom said...

It has been so fun to watch Nikki cheering at the games!! She does so great. I love teaching her in YW, she is such a good girl!

Michelle said...

Come to my blog for a surprise!!

jennifer said...

I don't have my blogspot up yet but I sure do enjoy visiting's awesome! I just love the kids!