Sunday, September 21, 2008

County Fair

As long as I can remember I have gone to the county fair. The sights, sounds, and smells are just so nostalgic. Now my kids enjoy all of these sensations as well. My two older ones do not go with me now, they go with their friends. So I have one pic of Ryan and none of Nikki at the fair. But the baby still enjoys my company lol !!!!! Well here are some of the things we enjoyed while we where there:

Kaylee is enjoying her first candy apple.
Here she is ok on the horses:

Then it starts moving:

She jumped into brothers arms so fast it was so so funny. By the way that the only picture I got of Ryan at the fair.

Here Kaylee and my best friend Dianna are feeding the camel at the petting zoo:
And here me and Kaylee are making friends with one of the goats:

I really had a good time and I hope that Kaylee will enjoy it more next year when she can ride more of the kids rides.

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Mark & Lindsey said...

We went to the fair and I didn't see anyone. Several people said they went on the same day I did (Friday) but I saw no one:( Maybe next year!