Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Fun

Nikki, Kaylee and I went to Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch today. We got there aroung 930am and we were the only ones there. So we went around looking at things, Kaylee loved the hay ride and hated the petting zoo. Everytime we went into the petting zoo she would just cry so we basically stayed away from it. But she loved looking for herself a pumpkin and Nikki just enjoys doing things with me and Kaylee. Here are some pictures of the things we did:

We had so much fun with our girls day out. I just wish it had been warmer. Oh well there is always next year. Fall is in the air and I love it. I just love all the season's and I am so grateful to have them all to enjoy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My choice

I am so excited I got this today:

The reason I got this is because I went and put a check by the names of those I think will lead this country the best of all the candidates. If only it had been Mitt Romney O well. I still feel good about my votes. I am on a voting high so everyone else go and get your voting high. Just please vote for the best candidate that our country needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn Street Fair

This past Saturday we had our autumn street fair here. It was fun, but of course I was sick from my shoulder hurting so bad. Ryan's band director also hosted a competition here that day. They performed early at the street fair and then proceeded to the middle school for the competition. I missed all of Ryan's events but I made it to Nikki's for a short time. Here are some of the pics I took that day:

This is the middle school chearleaders booth at the fair. They were selling baked goods, gallon jug ghosts, hair bows, tatoos, painting pumpkins and just buy a pumpkin and not paint it. I hope that they made a lot of money. The pumpkin painting seemed to be doing well the short time I was there.

I hope everyone who went stopped and helped to support our cheerleaders. Thanks so much if you did take the time to do that I am so proud of all three of my children.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday chaos

Yes that is exactly what it felt like. Ryan always has band events on Saturdays and he always has to be there early. I mean like 730 and 800 every Saturday morning. My husband and I have an agreement for the most part, every Saturday is my day to sleep in and every Sunday is his day to sleep. Well because of band I don't get my sleep in day because we have to get up together to get everything together. Now like I have stated previously I love my kids being involved in activities. I just miss my sleep in days. Ok sorry for the vent but I am over it now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spread the Love

Ok my SIL nomintated me for something and I not sure how to do all this but I am gonna ty. By the way thanks Chelle I hope that I don't mess this up lol!!!
The people I am gonna nomiate are:
1. Haley Hale she is just always full of smiles when I see her.
2. Dianna Watson who is one of my absolutely most favorite people
3. Kim Caten who is just a very sweet person. I have never seen her without a smile.
All you have to do is go to this blog and leave a comment about how you felt when you knew someone was thinking of you. Just go to