Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been a fun month except I been having a bad month for the pain in my shoulder and neck and all that fun stuff. Kaylee loved looking at the fireworks on Independence day but she hated the noise.
Her daddy had to cover her ears the whole time and I never could get a pic with her eyes open but she did watch the lights and really seemed to enjoy them.

Ryan and Nikki have done the cheer camp and band camp stuff respectively. Tomorrow the parents get to go and see what the band has done this two weeks of camp. I am so excited to see it this year. I missed it last year because it was in Cookeville and I just didn't feel up to driving up there to see it. So I am super excited about this one.
Nikki is loving the high school junior varsity cheer leading team. She has made so many friends over these now 4 years of cheering with most of them. She has a blast at every practice. I will post some pics of them if I can find it they are camera shy right now.
Grr lol it wont let me load any pics right now O well I will post more pics later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer is so fun

We have had so much going on lately. I have missed several birthdays. So lets see my SIL Michelle had a birthday in April Happy Belated birthday to her and to my sister Wanda and my dad all of who had April birthdays. Then my nephew Braden (he turned 6 which is unbelievable) my dear wonderful hubby and my sister all had May birthdays and then miss Abby turned 2 in June and my other sister had a birthday in June. So Happy BiRTHDAY to all my family members I love you all!!!
We had a fun filled July 4th, we had cookout and swimming time at my parents. Then I came home and made snack stuff and we went to the Civic Center where we munched played on at the Jungle Jym and watched fireworks. Kaylee loved all the lights this year but we had to hold out hands over her ears. She is an outdoor person yet she would not go outside much yesterday with all the boomers going off from the nieghborhood kids. She kept covering her eyes and whimpering. So she is real glad to have this holiday gone for a while. We had some lightening going on before and during the fireworks but it waited until after the fireworks was over before it started storming. I will post pics soon.