Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday chaos

Yes that is exactly what it felt like. Ryan always has band events on Saturdays and he always has to be there early. I mean like 730 and 800 every Saturday morning. My husband and I have an agreement for the most part, every Saturday is my day to sleep in and every Sunday is his day to sleep. Well because of band I don't get my sleep in day because we have to get up together to get everything together. Now like I have stated previously I love my kids being involved in activities. I just miss my sleep in days. Ok sorry for the vent but I am over it now.

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jennifer said...

I totally agree with you. All moms need a sleep in day, don't get me wrong, so do dads,i know they work hard too, but the at home job is no picnic sometimes and can be just as hectic! Have you ever tried getting things ready on friday nights before bed so you can get your saturday sleep in days? It might make friday nights a bit more hectic, but if you miss your sleep in days that much, it just may be worth it! Please don't take offense...with Darien and Keenan...I like those sleep in days too...LOL...