Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn Street Fair

This past Saturday we had our autumn street fair here. It was fun, but of course I was sick from my shoulder hurting so bad. Ryan's band director also hosted a competition here that day. They performed early at the street fair and then proceeded to the middle school for the competition. I missed all of Ryan's events but I made it to Nikki's for a short time. Here are some of the pics I took that day:

This is the middle school chearleaders booth at the fair. They were selling baked goods, gallon jug ghosts, hair bows, tatoos, painting pumpkins and just buy a pumpkin and not paint it. I hope that they made a lot of money. The pumpkin painting seemed to be doing well the short time I was there.

I hope everyone who went stopped and helped to support our cheerleaders. Thanks so much if you did take the time to do that I am so proud of all three of my children.

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Kristi said...

Holy Cow! Is that Nikki? She looks so grown up! You are such a good Mom. I had fun talking to you at Church the other day.