Friday, September 26, 2008

Kaylee's first hair cut

Today Kaylee had her first hair cut. It has been hard for me to get this done because it just another way of her getting bigger. But Tosha took care of me and she oly took off a tiny bit. You cannot even see that she has got it done. We are wanting to grow it all long and then style it. Anyway here is the before and after pics. Try not to laugh, here is the before pic:

Now here is the after:

Not a big difference but I think it looks better and is not so flyaway. Anyway it was still a big event for me and she was so good thatI took her to the jungle jym afterward. She did not cry, whine, or try to get away from Tosha I was so proud of her. And I promise the next post will be about one of the other kids they both have exciting things going on in their lives also. I am just missing most of it. Kaylee is still early to bed and early to rise and Mike goes to the other kids events while I take care of her. So I will steal some of his pics and boast about them also.

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