Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun with the kids

I started thinking about all that we did in May as a family,we really had a good time. We took the kids to the aquarium in Chattanooga. I also took Kaylee to the hands on discovery center in Murfreesboro. I am going to try to find some pictures to show how much fun we had. We plan on taking the kids to the zoo in Nashville and also taking them back to the aquarium. We also are talking about taking them to numerous places in and around our community. We have been talking about how soon our oldest will be graduating and how soon he will be out on his own, hopefully in college. I really hope that he goes to BYU. But I am trying not to pressure too much. Anyway here are some pictures of some of our outings:

This is outside the aquarium Nikki and Kaylee were playing in water.

Ryan found him a friend in the butterfly room at the aquarium.
I could not find any pictures from the discovery center but Kaylee had a blast. I will take bunches next time we go.

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Michelle said...

I wish the water had been running when we went to the aquarium. The boys had fun just playing on the rocks though!!