Monday, December 1, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving and we hope everyone out there had a great one as well. We have got up our Christmas tree and starting today Kaylee and I are going to start making at least one Christmas craft a day. Yes I will make the older participate in the occasional craft. They will moan and groan when they read this post. I think today we are going to make a 25 days of Christmas countdown. I will post what we do. I am so excited for the Holidays I love this time of year and love to think of our dear Savior's birth. We made the construction paper links for our family home evening and we put 1st day of Christmas all the way to 25th day and everyday we take off a link and eat the candy that we taped on back. Still trying to decide what to do tomorrow. I am not taking pictures because they did not turn out as pretty as I wanted them too. My hands and shoulder make it difficult to work on crafts. Thank goodness for Ryan and Nikki they help me so much. And of couse my sweet Mike, he is just so helpful when I am hurting this bad. I love this weather, but it causes me alot of pain. My family is very special and very loving. I truly am more thankful for them than just about anything in my life. They sure make each day worth living.


Mimi said...

I almost hate putting up our tree, cause then you have to take it down, our's generally stays up until March cause I feel like a little something inside of me dies when it comes down :( My tree has been partially up for the past three days cause my husband actually wanted to help this year but he has been getting home too late to help since by the time he gets here the kids want to go to bed. Hopefully this saturday we will get it done.

Kristi said...

I know what you mean. I love Christmas! I think that is so cool that you are doing Christmas crafts. You go girl!