Sunday, May 4, 2008


Boy was yesterday busy for my family, especially Nikki. She went to the cheerleading yard sale from 6-11 am. She came home took a shower got dressed and was at pork and bands by 1:30. Ryan was also at pork and bands for high school band. They just hung out with their friends and then performed. Nikki,Kaylee and I left a little before six. Kaylee and I were worn out. Wwe went home and ate a little healthier food and Kaylee went to sleep. Ryan and Mike did not get home until after Kaylee and I fell asleep so I not sure when it was over with. I wish I had taken pictures it was really a great day. It turned out beautiful after the morning rain. We were concerned that it would be a wash out. Nikki's friend's mom hung out with me and helped with Kaylee, she was a blessing. I did not realize how tired I was and she ran after Kaylee and her kids played with her and I relaxed alot. Thanks Tracy I love you lots how lucky I am to have such great friends and my daughter to have such great friends. We are hoping to get together and take Nikki and Beth shopping for a girls day out. I am looking forward to it now I just have to convince dad or grandpa to keep Kaylee for me all day.

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