Thursday, December 20, 2007

My sister, Anita, is in from Ohio visiting for the holidays and is staying at my house. She came in today to rest and when she got up i was cooking supper so she started watching this movie called, "The Christmas Box". I have to say that it is one of the most heart warming, and touching stories I have seen in a while. I only saw the last thirty minutes, but this old lady was questioning this young man with a wife and child asking him what the first present of Christmas was. So I am sitting here thinking and I decide that it is your family. And as the story unfolds he comes up with answers such as love and other good answers and she tells him that he is on the right track. Then he visits the grave yard and finds that she lost her daughter at the young age of five and he races to her in the hospital and says the first present of Christmas was a baby. And she tells how it strenghthens her faith in God and how there is no love like the love between a parent and their child. How sweet to remember that our Savior was born and lived and did all he did for us only to die for our sins. That story more than others has touched me especially as a parent of three beautiful special children. How hard it must have been for our Heavenly Father to watch his only begotten son die for the sins of all the rest of his children.. How hard it must have been to choose the needs of the many over the hurts and pains and sorrows of the one.. I will never forget this love he gave me and my earthly family. I love the story and will make a point to get the book and read it becase my fifteen year old son told me the book is even better. So Merry Christmas to all of you who read this my love and prayers are with all of you and everyone else. God bless you all.

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