Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Band Banquet

The high school band had its annual band banquet this past Friday. It was also a masquerade ball. My kids were so excited and had a blast. They both love band and are excited for the upcoming year.
Nikki had her Aunt Chelle take her shopping for a new dress in Murfreesboro. Both Ryan and Nikki went to Aunt Chelle when they realized that they needed masks to wear. Thanks Aunt Chelle for taking care of them and ordering their masks and just helping them get ready for this wonderful experience they had.

Isn't Nikki beautiful in her outfit it just brings out her blue eyes perfectly!!!!
and How about Ryan he got the most amazing mask
And those band people sure have taste look what Ryan got:

Yes (squeal) he got Best Junior award. I do have to say those band people do have taste they see quality when it is there. Yes I am a very proud mommy. I am so thankful for them having something that they both love and are able to do together.

Also on another note Kaylee saw her first rainbow and it was a double rainbow at that.

I have alot more I need to catch up on , but it will have to wait for another day.

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