Friday, August 1, 2008

more updates

I have not posted in while so I thought I would do a week in review. Tuesday Mike and I went out on a date afternoon. Wednesdays are always my busiest day. I get to dread Wednesdays with a passion. Thursday I cooked all day and then Nikki had registration at the Middle School last night. Today I plan on going shopping for school supplies for the kids. And tomorrow will be clothes shopping day. I really enjoy clothes shopping day because the older two actually go with me and I make them stay with me so it is my time with them. I dread school starting the older two are both so involved that they are gone constantly. They have done so much to help with the baby during the summer. I will miss all that they do too help me. I love them so much and am grateful that they are my children. This is Nikki's last year at the middle school and Ryan has just three more years of high school before he graduates. I know it is just the cycle of life but I want to enjoy these last years of all of us being together before they leave me to start college and so forth.

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Trence Marshall Houston said...

I found you! I can't believe how your kiddos have grown! It was so good to see you the other day.